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After-sales service terms

After-sales service terms

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※ This clause only applies to products sold by Chengdu Apqi Technology Co., Ltd.

※ The final interpretation of this clause belongs to Chengdu Apqi Technology Co., Ltd.

1. Chengdu Apqi Technology Co., Ltd. products are divided into three categories: standard products, standard products and non-standard products.

a. "Standard products" refer to products independently developed, designed and manufactured by Chengdu Apqi.

b. "Class standard product" refers to a product with some minor modifications on the standard product according to customer requirements.

c. "Non-standard product" refers to products for OEM / ODM for customers.

2. The customer is responsible for the replacement, repair, and return (abbreviated as "Three Guarantees") due to the quality problems of product design, manufacturing, raw materials, processing and assembly, performance, etc. under the conditions of product use, maintenance, and protection.

The principle of the three guarantees is: repair is the main task, and the performance requirements of the factory should be met after repair. For the purchase of standard and standard products of Chengdu Apqi Technology Co., Ltd., from the date of shipment:

a) Three-year free warranty;

b) If a functional failure occurs within seven days, the package will be returned;

c) Lifetime maintenance.

Note: (non-standard products do not provide new product returns)

3. When the customer receives the product, please do the unpacking inspection, including the product's appearance inspection, functional inspection and random accessories are correct; if there is any defect, please feedback to our company in time.

4. The free package return product service regulations are as follows:

① Normally use the product with functional failure within 7 days (subject to the date of the certificate of the shipped product);

② Products that are not dismantled and repaired without permission, and are not caused by human factors;

③ The appearance is intact, fragile labels, body barcodes and other intact products;

④The complete accessories are complete; 

5. The following conditions will not be within the scope of the package return service:

① Products without warranty card and proof of purchase, without user information archives, without fuselage bar codes, etc .;

②Products whose warranty card and purchase certificate do not conform to the product model, the bar code of the main body is unclear, or the information has signs of alteration;

③Damage caused by human factors, including products damaged due to illegal operation and use in normal working environment;

④Users dismantle the machine for maintenance and modification without permission, and the products are not damaged by our company's maintenance;

⑤ If the appearance is damaged, no refund will be given;

⑥ Improper use of the environment or conditions, such as power supply, ambient temperature, humidity and other conditions resulting in damaged products;

⑦Products damaged by force majeure due to inevitable factors such as fire, flood, lightning strike, traffic accident, etc .;

⑧ Sell products over 7 days;

⑨The old model market processor sold by the company at a special price or updated, the company indicates that it does not provide after-sales products, only assists in maintenance, and does not give return or exchange; 

6. The free warranty for the whole machine is three years, and the free warranty product service regulations are as follows:

① The products with functional failures have been used normally within three years since the purchase of the products;

②Products that have not been disassembled and repaired without permission and caused by non-human factors;

③The whole machine includes: main board, memory, solid state drive, CPU, daughter card, LCD screen, touch screen;

7. After-sales description of gifts

①The gifts mainly include low-value consumables (including keyboard, mouse, network cable, etc.);

② Gifts only provide replacement service within 7 days of receipt;

③ The gift does not provide any warranty service;

8. Product aftermarket description

① Provide free technical support for paid customized service system (including Windows / Linux / Android) due to system problems, software compatibility and other issues;

②On the basis of customized services, if there are subsequent new or modified requirements, paid or free upgrade services will be provided as appropriate;

③ For generation installation and standard shipment (including Windows and Linux), only initialization recovery (Apache standard) service is provided;

9. Warranty

a. Telephone service hotline: 400 702 7002;

b. Repair service: return the product to the designated after-sales service point;

c. On-site service: provide paid on-site service;

10. Other services: The company provides extended warranty services for standard products. The extended warranty service can be extended to 2 years. The specific charging standards are as follows:

1) One-year warranty extension: the fee is 20% of the total price of the product at the time of purchase;

2) Two-year warranty extension: the cost is 50% of the total price of the product at the time of purchase;

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